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Hi, I am Wendy Kwok

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Hi yall! My name is Wendy Kwok and I'm out to share my $$$ skills with everyone else who wants to learn quick! Let me explain to you a little about how I got my interest in personal finance. I didn't grow up with parents who talked money in front of me, but were always strict and frugal about it. Like all children, I hated when I couldn't buy something I liked. Anyways, towards my teen years I moved in with my cousin's family, who owned a restaurant. I suppose this is where I first got to deal with money hands on. Because my aunt and uncle has their restaurant, they "employed" me to help out there after school and weekends. As a 12 year old kid round, shiny, quarters were oddly my obsession, and that's what I got paid in. Like a genius I was I saved it up and invested it and now I'm a billionaire living in a beach house. NOT! I spent every last one of them buying chips and cookies and whatever else seems appealing to a teenager of course. Okay okay, that is my boring bringup, but if there's anything to learn from it, is that there are times to be frugal (as with my parents), and then there will come a time where you will spend your money and be happy about it. My 12 year old self was quite happy to be able to enjoy some chips while the other kids ate their cafeteria lunch without a side treat.

Point is, I grew up knowing that money doesn't grow on trees, but I also grew up knowing many more things about money. Since that 12 year old something got to taste the freedom that money can bring, she has been obsessed with growing it. Growing your wealth doesn't have to be difficult, but I will also tell you now that most likely you're also not going to wake up one sunny morning and have a million more dollars in your account. It's not magic yall, and thankfully so, because it's math, and at least we have a grip on math. Now, as an older 20 something who's gained a lot more responsibility than a teen, she's out to share all her learnings and with her fellow web users. I put up this site because I have a deep interest in personal finance, and since I know how much I had to go through to end up knowing all these things, I want to put it all in one place so that YOU won't have to scramble everywhere for scraps here and there the way I did. I'm here for you and I hope you do well in your financial journey starting here!

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